GFTH Questions & Answers

What is the Gifts From The Heart Program? 
The Gifts From The Heart (GFTH) Program is an annual holiday gift-giving program designed to provide gifts to children, teens and senior adults, served by the Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services, Divisions of Child Protective Services and Senior and Adult Services.
For the past 20+ years, thanks in great part to the generosity and caring of our Community Partners, the holidays have been brighter for the children, teens, and senior adults served in our system of care.
Each year, about 100 Community Partners donate gifts to over 4,000 children and youth, and over 600 seniors.  An estimated 13,000 gifts are distributed throughout Sacramento County.
The Department of Health and Human Services appreciates the continued participation and support given to The Gifts From The Heart Program by our wonderful Community Partners and volunteers.
Who Participates in the GFTH Program?


Local community partners or individuals such as businesses, local high schools, government agencies, religious organizations, service groups, professional groups, and families participate in this annual holiday gift-giving drive. 


GFTH is made possible with the generous gifts and monetary contributions from our local Community Partners.  It is only through your participation and generosity, that we are able to bring the holidays to our very deserving recipients. 
GFTH welcomes all interested persons or groups who wish to participate in making ‘holiday dreams come true' for children, teens, and seniors by either sponsoring gifts or volunteering time during the season. 


Over the years, the Department has seen an increase in the number of clients we serve.  We now serve more children, teens, and seniors than have gifts to give during the holiday season. 


How can I help?


You may sign up as a community partner to sponsor children, teens, and seniors for gifts during the holiday season. In addition, monetary donations are always welcome. Cash donations will be deposited into the "Gifts From the Heart" reserve account for the sole purpose of purchasing gifts. All gifts and monetary donations are tax deductible.  Please contact the Gifts From the Heart Coordinator at 875-2027 for additional donation and contribution information.
How does the GFTH Program Work?
The Gifts From The Heart Program  is coordinated by the Volunteer Services/


Community Partnerships Office of the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Director.  Volunteers manage the distribution, pick-up, and delivery of donated gifts from our Community Partners.  Generally it works something like this:


  1. Social Workers request gifts on behalf of children, youth and seniors from their case files.
  2. The requests are distributed to our partner organizations whose members sign up to fill the gift requests.
  3. New gifts are purchased and wrapped by members of our partner organizations.
  4. The wrapped gifts are returned to our Social Workers who deliver them to the children, youth and seniors they serve.


A Word of Sincere Thanks…


On behalf of the thousands of children, teens and seniors whose lives have been touched each holiday season—by your kindness, generosity, and caring…. We thank you for them, and for choosing the Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services’ Gifts From The Heart Program. 

Tammy Liu, Volunteer & Student Intern Services Coordinator
(916) 875-2027 


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