The Behavioral Health Services Division provides contracted advocacy services to consult, represent, and advocate for the interests and concerns of consumers and their families. 
Our Consumer Advocate-Liaison
  • Oversees consumer affairs for adult clients in Sacramento County. That person assists people with one-on-one advocacy, peer support and self advocacy. 
  • Is responsible for recruiting consumers to sit on task forces, committees and governing bodies. 
  • Provides trainings regarding consumer employment, group facilitation and the self-help/recovery model.  Represents the Sacramento County consumer perspective at State and National forums where service delivery planning takes place and also serves as a Consumer representative on statewide reviews of other county mental health programs. 
  • Ensure consumer involvement in all aspects of community mental health services.  Not only are there several thousand consumers of mental health services locally, but there are many consumers involved in the system as volunteers and as paid staff of the many contracted service agencies. Recovering consumers can help to bridge the gap for individuals less stable and still very reluctant to become involved. 
To Reach Our Consumer Advocate-Liaison
Andrea Crook, Adult Consumer Advocate Liaison
Phone: (916) 875-4710
Our Advocate for Adults & Families
Our Adult & Family Advocate can assist consumers and their families:
  • in accessing services,
  • help with finding resources and community programs,
  • applying for government entitlements,
  • with discharge planning, 
  • with self-help and support groups.
To Reach Our Adult & Family Advocate
Blia Cha, Adult & Family Advocate
Phone: (916) 875-5644

Our Advocate for Children, Youth, & Families
The Sacramento Advocacy for Family Empowerment (SAFE) Program is designed and staffed by families and youth to provide support, education, empowerment, and advocacy to children, youth, and their families receiving children’s mental health services.  Parent partners and youth peer mentors are integrated into children's mental health planning, management, and service delivery. 
To Reach Our Youth & Family Advocate
Sandena Bader, Youth & Family Advocate
Phone: (916) 875-4182

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