Training is required for foster parents and prospective adoptive parents. Sacramento County uses the PRIDE model (Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education). PRIDE is a training program designed to develop and support foster/ adoptive families. It is designed to strengthen the quality of foster family care and the adoption assessment process, by providing a standardized, structured framework for recruiting, preparing and selecting foster parents and adoptive parents. 
The PRIDE Program’s Goals are to:
  • Meet the protective, developmental, cultural and permanency needs of children placed with foster families and adoptive families.
  • Strengthen families, whether they are families of origin, blended families, extended or kinship families, foster families, and adoptive families.
  • Strengthen the quality of family foster care and adoption services by providing a standardized training and assessment process.
  • Share resources among public and voluntary child welfare agencies, colleges and universities, foster parent and adoptive parent associations and national child welfare organizations.  
PRIDE Program’s Five Essential Competency Categories:
  • Protecting and nurturing children,
  • Meeting children’s developmental needs and addressing developmental delays.
  • Supporting relationships between children and their families,
  • Connecting children to safe, nurturing relationships intended to last a lifetime, and
  • Working as a member of a professional team

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