Requesting CPS Records

Instruction for requesting  Child Protective Services Records

1. Print the CPS Records Request Forms below and fill it out with as much information as possible. Please be advised that incomplete or inaccurate information may delay the processing of your request.


2. Once completed, the request form may be mail to or dropped off at:

  • CPS Gatekeeper

         3331 Power Inn Road, Suite 420

         Sacramento, Ca. 95826


    You may also fax the form to:

  • CPS Gatekeeper

         Fax # 916-875-4825



You reside in Sacramento and/or wish to pick up the records in personBring a picture ID to verify you identity
You reside in a state other California or far from SacramentoYou must submit the form below with notarized signature. The requested records will be mailed to you via certified mail upon receipt of payment for the per-page copying fee (see #5 below).



3. A charge of $0.25 per page is due upon receipt of the records. If you are picking up the copies in person, please bring payment with you. Payment must be made money order or cashier's check. Personal checks or cash will not be accepted. If records are being mailed to you, payments must be received before records can be mailed.  Please be advised that the charge per page is subject to change due to cost increases.


4. The CPS Gatekeeper will notify you when your request is ready for pick-up (or Mailing) and will let you know the total amount to be paid.


5. Be prepared to show proper identification when claiming your copies.

6. These instructions may be revised at any time. Please make sure visit this page again should you need additional records in the future to ensure your request is submitted appropriately.


CPS Records Request Forms  images3Z72V774.jpg



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