Medical and Health Operational Area Coordinator

The Medical and Health Operational Area Coordinator program is pa​rt of the State of California Disaster Medical Response Plan. The plan is designed to facilitate communication, situational awareness and assistance across operational areas within Region 4 of the California Medical/Health Mutual Aid System.

 The Sacramento County Emergency Medical and Health Operational Area Coordinator (MHOAC) is committed to protecting and safeguarding the residents of Sacramento County. Communication and early notification are key components to successfully manage any large scale emergency. The system is intended to aid hospitals, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers, skilled nursing facilities, laboratories, physician offices, veterinary facilities and others.

If you represent an organization that is in need of assistance due to an emergency or disaster, the information below will assist you in contacting the MHOAC for guidance and assistance.

For an immediate life threatening emergency , dial 911 first. When safe to do so contact the MHOAC, if needed, for further assistance.

24 hour access: 916-875-6900 - Ask for the MHOAC or the EMS Agency Duty Officer


General inquiries about the program can be directed to the Sacramento County Emergency Medical Services Agency at: 916-875-9753 or


SitRep Form: Click on the link and complete the online form. It will be automatically sent to the MHOAC at

Resource Request Form: Click on the link and save the document to your computer. Complete the document and email to or fax to 916-874-9211

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