County Medically Indigent Services (CMISP)

CMISP is a last resort health care program for low income adults meeting eligibility criteria. Health care includes but is not limited to: primary care, specialty, hospital, emergency, pharmacy, and ancillary services.

Program Eligibility 

  • 21 - 64 years of age
  • Very low income
  • Does not qualify for Medi-Cal, Medicare or other health insurance program
  • Sacramento County resident
  • U.S. citizenship or meets federal immigration status requirements

How to Apply

  • Applications for CMISP may be picked up at the Primary Care Clinic or County Pharmacy.  Location:  4600 Broadway, Sacramento.
  • All applications are also reviewed for Medi-Cal and subsidized health care through Covered California. CMISP is a last resort program. If you qualify, you may have a share of cost.

For more information from the Department of Human Assistance (DHA) regarding eligibility requirements, please refer to the their website.

Accessing Primary Care Services

Primary Care Clinic
4600 Broadway, Suite 1100
Sacramento CA 95820

Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Primary Care Clinic - Main​ Line 916-874-9670​
Primary Care Clinic - Appointments​ 916-874-9670​
Pharmacy Prescription Refills​ 916-874-4342​
Radiology Main Line​ 916-874-9522​
Dental Clinic​ 916-874-8300​
The Pharmacy is also located at 4600 Broadway, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  The prescription may also be called in to the County Pharmacy at (916) 874-9220.
For a detailed list of services provided to CMISP clients, please see CMISP Covered Services.  For a list of services not covered by CMISP, please see Program Exclusions.
For more information on accessing CMISP Services, please see How to Receive CMISP Services


Appeals Process

When a requested medical services is denied by Medical Case Management, the patient is informed of the appropriate due process available to him/her. A copy of the service denial notification is also sent to the requesting provider. If the patient chooses to appeal the service denial, he/she must request a review of that decision, in writing, within ten (10) WORKING DAYS of the date of the denial letter from Medical Case Management. The letter must state that he/she is requesting an appeal and why he/she is dissatisfied. The patient is encouraged to submit additional medical information to substantiate the medical reason for the requested medical service.

More information on the individual appeals can be found on the Appeals Process page. 

Primary Care Center
4600 Broadway Sacramento, CA 95820 (916) 874-9670
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