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Other Medical Service Providers
CMISP has enrolled various medical service providers such as Home Health Agencies, Durable Medical Equipment providers, Surgical Centers, therapy groups, providers who do various diagnostic testing, pharmacies and laboratories. Medical Case Management will work with providers to assure that ancillary services are accessible and authorized through other enrolled medical service providers.

The ancillary service provider will receive a procedure authorization form from the Medical Case Management Unit. These providers should contact Medical Case Management if there is a question about authorized services.

If it is necessary to prescribe some medication for a CMISP patient, prescriptions can be filled at the County’s Pharmacy located at 4600 Broadway. See the Pharmacy Options list below for other pharmacies. A CMISP sticker should be attached to the prescription. If patients continue under your care after their eligibility has expired, or the patient or service is no longer a Medical Case Management referral, the County will not cover the prescriptions. CMISP stickers should not be attached to these patients' prescriptions.

Prescriptions written on UCDMC scripts should be filled at the University Medical Center or referred to the County pharmacy.

Pharmacy Billing
Any questions regarding patient status or billing should be directed to the pharmacy billing clerk in the CMISP Accounts Payable section at (916) 875-9742. Questions regarding CMISP Drug Formulary or policy should be directed to the County Pharmacist at (916) 874-9220.

Lab Work
When approved, laboratory tests should be sent to Quest Diagnostics. 


Diagnostic Tests/Additional Procedures
CMISP Medical Case Management will schedule all authorized diagnostic tests which do not require the presence of the physician. The physician's office staff may schedule authorized tests which do require the physician's presence. Plain films generally will be done at the Primary Care Clinic.

All requests for diagnostic tests or additional procedures should be prior authorized by Medical Case Management.

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