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The County Medically Indigent Services Program (CMISP) is a program of "last resort" designed to meet the health care needs of individuals in our community who are not otherwise eligible for healthcare programs such as Medi-Cal, Medicare or private health insurance, and who meet the County's "last resort" socioeconomic eligibility standards. CMISP is a program mandated by the State of California, Title 17 of the Welfare and Institutions Code, to provide access to medical care for medically indigent persons.

The program is administered as a combined effort of the Sacramento County Departments of Health and Human Services and Human Assistance. The Department of Health and Human Services includes the Office of Medical Case Management under the direction of the Chief of Primary Health Services, Medical Case Management is responsible for provider payments and patient billing in Accounting and Fiscal Services for secondary and tertiary care.

To Qualify

​The CMISP eligibility standards are reviewed and approved by the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors and are amended from time to time. The CMISP patient eligibility standards were very similar to those of the State Medi-Cal program. The basic criteria for eligibility standards are Sacramento County residency, income, and personal property assets which are dependent upon the number of persons sharing common support. Under the CMISP eligibility standards, a patient may have a share-of-cost if his/her income exceeds the defined standard. The Department of Health and Human Services bills the patient for the share-of-cost. Both Eligibility and Medical Case Management staff are key persons in the coordination of benefits to assure that all proper funding sources are utilized.

Who is Eligible
Program eligibility is determined by the guidelines established by the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors. You will be required to provide proof of eligibility to qualify to receive medical services. The following documents are necessary to verify your eligibility:
  1. Proof of Identity - Driver's License, California Identification Card, other
  2. Social Security Card
  3. Residence Verification - Rent receipt, utility bill, other
  4. Proof of Income - Wage stubs or other evidence of income
  5. General Assistance - Status verification
  6. Insurance Policy or number for health/hospitalization/dental/life insurance
  7. Real and Personal Property - Tax statements, vehicle registration(s), bank statements, other. 
See the Department of Human Assistance Web Page for Eligibility Standards
Non-emergency services require CMISP prior authorization for payment.
Referrals from Sacramento County Hospitals to CMISP Eligibility
Emergency Inpatient - Contract hospitals must contact the CMISP Eligibility Unit at (916) 874-9238 within 72 hours of admission when making a referral for an emergency admission. Hospitals may FAX referrals to the CMISP ELIGIBILITY FAX line 874-9328. Be prepared to provide the following:
  • Date of Admission
  • Patient Name
  • Complete Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Diagnosis
In the case of other available resources, the hospital is required to aggressively pursue that resource. If a patient is a veteran of the United States Armed Forces, the hospital must verify their VA coverage, if any, and document daily attempts on their part to transfer to a Veteran’s Administration facility. CMISP benefits will be considered when the Veteran’s Administration denies coverage/transfer of the patient. A CMISP hospital health screener will schedule an appointment with the patient at the hospital or at the CMISP Eligibility office if the patient has been discharged. A direct hospital admit from a physician's office is subject to Medical Case Management review and will be authorized for emergency situations only.
For Emergency Inpatient Services rendered at Non-Contracted Sacramento County hospitals, the patient must bring a copy of the discharge paperwork to Department of Human Assistance to initiate the CMISP eligibility process.  If you become eligible for CMISP, it is also your responsibility to provide copies of your medical records to CMISP Case Management.
Outpatient Emergency Referrals
Sacramento County hospitals may refer emergency outpatients to the program by use of the CMISP Hospital Emergency Outpatient Referral Form #SC1188CMISP. The emergency department physician must follow the provider instructions on the form and sign the form to initiate the CMISP referral process. The referral form is given to the patient. The patient has ten (10) working days to contact the CMISP Eligibility Unit to schedule an appointment. Specific instructions for the patient are on the reverse side of the form. Payment is subject to Medical Case Management review and patient eligibility. If the patient has been certified eligible and the emergency service is authorized, an authorization will be entered into our computer system and the patient and hospital will receive notification of the authorization.


Coverage of benefits under the program is subject to program policies and the CMISP Scope of Service.lients should be referred to a County Clinic for follow up care.

Out-of-County Patient Transfers/Services
CMISP does not authorize out of county transfers/services of CMISP patients.

Disability Referrals
Eligibility workers and Medical Case Management staff work closely with patients who may have a disability. These patients are referred to Department of Human Assistance Eligibility workers to apply for Medi-Cal benefits.

Non-enrolled Providers
In emergency situations any payment to non-enrolled providers is subject to CMISP maximum reimbursement guidelines


​See eligibility requirements.

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