Whooping Cough Booster Shot Required for 7th Graders

A California law requires that all students entering 7th grade be immunized against pertussis (whooping cough) and to show proof of immunization before starting school.  
This requirement:
  • Will be met by receiving one dose of a Tdap vaccine on or after the child’s 7th birthday
  • Must be documented in the child’s immunization records
  • Applies to both public and private schools
  • Affects all students unless the student has a medical or personal belief exemption.
After July 1, 2012, only students entering the 7th grade will need proof that they have received a Tdap booster shot on or after their 7th birthday.
If you are a parent:
  • Make an appointment for your incoming 7th grader to get a Tdap shot now. The new law affects a large number of schoolchildren across six grade levels. Avoid the rush and make sure your child can start school on time.
  • If your child has already received this vaccine, make sure you have a record of it that you can take to your child’s school when requested. 
If you are a doctor:
  • Make sure all children and adolescents in your care receive a Tdap booster and that this information is clearly documented in the child’s California Immunization Record (“yellow card.”)
The law comes in response to a significant increase in reported cases of whooping cough in California. This highly-contagious disease is especially dangerous to infants.  In 2010, nine babies died from whooping cough in California.
Facts About Pertussis
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