Physicians Paneling and Enrollment

Provider Relations has put together a number of links to State Medi-Cal and State DHCS web sites we think will answer your CCS related questions regarding panelling and/or enrollment. If you are unable to find an answer or solution to your question, please call CCS Provider Relations at (916) 875-9900.


CCS Paneling for Providers
This link identifies providers who must be CCS Paneled as well as the requirements for paneling

Use this link to access both the Paneled Provider and Paneled Non-PMF Provider reports. 
    "Paneled Provider" means an individual who has been determined by the CCS program to meet the
    advanced education, training, and/or experience requirements for his/her provider type in order to render
    services to a CCS applicant or client.
    "Paneled Non-PMF Provider" means providers required to be paneled but not required to obtain a Medi-Cal  
    provider number.

Approved Hospitals
Use this link to locate CCS Approved Facilities


Medi-Cal Provider Enrollment FAQs 
On this page you will find a list of FAQs that can be searched according to the topic. 
As a rule, all inquiries about billing, claims, POS devices and AEVS number issues can also be directed to the Medi-Cal Provider Service Center at (800) 541-5555 or the POS Help Desk at (800) 427-1295.

Provider Enrollment Home Page - DHCS


Search this page to find answers to enrollment and paneling questions
CCS providers must be enrolled with Medi-Cal and have an active NPI number. This link will provide the necessary information and application
Once enrolled with Medi-Cal, providers may apply to become CCS paneled.  This link will provide the necessary applications. Go to: Forms > Provider Enrollment Application Forms


Dental Providers
This site provides access to DHCS Medi-Cal Dental Program provider bulletins, manuals, regulations and various forms.
Out of State Provider Enrollment 
This page will open the "Out-of-State Provider Enrollment Form".
In order to enroll as an out-of-state Medi-Cal provider, this information is required. Please attach this completed application to your original claim and mail to the address provided on the form.









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