California Health Alert Network (CAHAN)


What is the California Health Alert Network?
The California Health Alert Network (CAHAN) is a state-sponsored web-based system used in Sacramento County to send warnings of impending or current situations that may affect the public's health.  The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Emergency Preparedness Office administers CAHAN to facilitate alerting and collaboration between Federal, State, Local County Health Departments, Clinics, Hospitals, and other public health emergency partners on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis.  
What is the alerting capability of CAHAN?
When an alert message is sent, CAHAN sends the message to e-mail addresses, telephones, faxes, e-mail capable alphanumeric pagers, and cell phones. The California Department of Public Health can send alerts out to all county health departments; county health departments can send alerts within their county, to neighboring county health departments, and to the California Department of Public Health.
Who are the intended users of CAHAN Alerts?
CAHAN Alerts are intended for a wide spectrum of state and local health response officials, preparedness coordinators, and partner agencies in the county's emergency and public health services and preparedness sectors. User information is maintained through a secure web portal requiring a user-id and password that is not accessible to the general public.
How do I register for CAHAN?
Click on the "CAHAN Enrollment Request" link below. The link opens a fillable PDF form that can be e-mailed to the Sacramento County CAHAN administrator, or printed and faxed to (916) 875-5888. The County CAHAN Administrator will process your request and, if appropriate, access will be granted.  If your application is approved, instructions for access and operation will be e-mailed to you.
Who can I contact for CAHAN questions?
Call Sacramento County Public Health at (916) 875-5881. Ask the front desk personnel to connect you with the CAHAN administrator’s desk.  


Users from other Counties should e-mail for enrollment information.

The enrollment form below is designated for Sacramento County Enrollees only!

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