Lead Poisoning Prevention

‚ÄčLead poisoning is a serious problem. Lead poisoning is especially dangerous for children. Children who suffer from lead poisoning may get very sick or even die. Children with lead poisoning usually do not look or act sick. The symptoms of lead poisoning may include tiredness, sleeplessness, stomach ache or vomiting. Lead poisoning can cause damage to the kidneys, nervous system, and brain.

The following information from the State Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch of the California Department of Health Services & the Sacramento County Department of Health & Human Services Childhood Illness & Injury Prevention Program will help you understand how lead poisoning may effect your child, how lead poisoning happens, sources of contamination, effects and ways to get tested and treated.

If you need further information after reading these web pages, you may contact the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program at (916) 875-5869.

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