Dental Health Program


The goal of the Dental Health Program is to educate and promote oral health.
Oral Health Facts/Findings 
Dental Disease is the hidden epidemic of California’s school children. The single most widespread disease among children in California is tooth decay. More than half of Kindergartners and more than 7 out of 10 third graders have experienced tooth decay and more than a quarter of them have untreated tooth decay. 
Neglecting oral health can lead to: 
  • Pain and suffering
  • Difficulty speaking and eating
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Attention deficit
  • Slower social development
  • Missed school days/poor grades
Children of low income families and children of color are more likely to have had tooth decay and have untreated tooth decay.
Many California children are strangers to the dentist’s chair. Dental disease is preventable!
Smile Keepers Program 
The Smile Keepers Program targets children ages 0-5 who attend State, Head Start and Children's Center preschools, providing oral health screenings; fluoride varnish applications; parental oral health education; resource information and assistance. The Dental Health Program staff along with the Smile Keepers’ dental van, attend several school readiness events and health and resource fairs throughout the county during the year.

Funding for Smile Keepers is provided by the First 5 Sacramento Commission which uses Proposition 10 (tobacco tax) funds to support the healthy development of children ages zero to five. Additional information about the First 5 Sacramento Commission  or by calling 916-876-5865.
Fondos para Smile Keepers es proveído por la Comisión de Sacramento de los Primeros 5 la cual usa fondos de la Proposición 10 (impuestos del tabaco) la cual apoya el desarrollo saludable de los niños de cero a cinco años. Mas información sobre la Comisión de Sacramento los Primeros 5 o llamando al 916-876-8565.

Case Management 
Furnishes outside-provider claims management for Ryan White-Title I Dental Services.

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