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Oral Health Facts/Findings 
Dental disease is the most common chronic condition experienced by school-aged children in California.  Fifty-four percent of kindergartners and 70% of third graders have had tooth decay (cavities) in at least one tooth and nearly 30% of children have untreated  tooth decay. 
Poor oral health can result in: 
  • Pain and suffering
  • Difficulty speaking and eating
  • Missed school days/poor grades
  • Serious infections and other conditions going undetected
Fortunately, dental disease is preventable! 
Smile Keepers
Smile Keepers provides free dental health screenings and fluoride varnish application to more than 8,000 low-income children in preschools, kindergarten classes, and at school-readiness fairs.  Smile Keepers program also provides oral health education, dental care provider resources and referral assistance to parents, school staff and public health professionals.  Funding for Smile Keepers is provided by First 5 Sacramento and Liberty Dental Plan. 

Every Smile Counts! Project - Dental Transformation Initiative (DTI)
DTI Every Smile Counts! improves access to dental health care services for Medi-Cal eligible children ages 0-20 using the following three models.  This project is funded by the California Department of Health Care Services, Medi-Cal Dental Program. 
  • Virtual Dental Home
  • Medical/Dental Partnerships
  • Community Education and Training

Prop 56 Oral Health

The California Department of Public Health has granted funds to local health jurisdictions for the purpose and goal of educating communities about oral health, dental disease prevention, and linkages to treatment.  Local health jurisdictions will be expected to implement strategies outlined in the California Oral Health Plan and make progress towards achieving the California Oral Health Plan's goals and objectives.  Implementation activities may include convening, coordination, and collaboration to support planning, disease prevention, surveillance, education, and linkages to treatment programs. 

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