Tobacco Control Coalition (TCC)


The Sacramento County Tobacco Control Coalition is a standing committee of the Sacramento County Public Health Advisory Board (PHAB).  PHAB functions as an official advisory council to the Board of Supervisors and the County Department of Health and Human Services.


The mission of the Tobacco Control Coalition is to transform Sacramento County into a tobacco-free society in the 21st Century. To accomplish this, the Coalition will provide education, coordination, advocacy, and support of tobacco control activities in the community and oversee the development, implementation, and evaluation of the Sacramento County Tobacco Control Plan.


  • Serves as an oversight committee for tobacco control in Sacramento County.
  • Provides members with opportunities to collaborate.
  • Provides forum for public participation and community education.
  • Promotes a tobacco-free community by providing education, coordination, advocacy, and support of tobacco control activities.
  • Advocates for and promotes policy changes which support tobacco-free schools; workplaces; events; community networks; and in general, a smoke, tobacco, and vape-free environment.
  • Conducts community inventories and assessments of tobacco related activities
     Provides expertise and technical assistance. 
  • Holds an annual awards event to recognize successful community tobacco control leaders.

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For more information, call (916) 875-5869.

Membership/How to Join

The Coalition welcomes all individuals and organizations interested in tobacco control activities within Sacramento County.  Membership is made up of committed individuals concerned about the negative effects of tobacco.  Members are recruited from all types of agencies and the community at large.  The TCC includes community representatives of agencies, schools, community-based organizations, major racial/ethnic groups within the local health jurisdiction, and individuals with special interest or expertise in tobacco control.  If you are interested in joining the Tobacco Control Coalition, please fill out the New Membership form (located on the right navigation section of this page) and either fax or scan and email the completed form to the number or email listed on the bottom of the application.


Everyone is welcome to attend a TCC meeting.  The TCC meets every second Wednesday of February, May, September and November.  There are also several subcommittees of the TCC that meet on a regular basis.  For more information and meeting times, dates and locations, please contact us at (916) 875-5869.


The TCC has various subcommittees which address specific issues relating to tobacco control.  Anyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in subcommittee meetings and activities.  Current subcommittees include:

  • Secondhand Smoke Subcommittee
  • Youth and Young Adult Subcommittee
  • Cessation Subcommittee

Subcommittee meeting times and locations vary.  Call the Tobacco Education Program for upcoming meeting dates.

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