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Public Health Nurses (PHNs) are licensed Registered Nurses with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and Public Health Nurse Certification.  Public Health Nurses instruct/educate, oversee and offer a variety of public health nursing services.
Overview of Services
A Public Health Nurse (PHN) can help Sacramento County residents and their families with health problems and other concerns.  PHNs provide comprehensive home visitation services in Children’s Services, Perinatal (pregnancy) Services, and Communicable Disease Services to families living in Sacramento County.  They provide case management services, consultations, health and developmental assessments, and a variety of education teaching and training.  PHNs work with various medical and community resources to ensure good health outcomes.
The Public Health Nursing Field Services programs include:
Children’s Services
Integrated Children & Family Services
PHNs coordinate with Social Workers to serve high-risk children from birth to age 6.
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
PHNs provide contact to families experiencing a SIDS death, to provide grief/bereavement counseling and referrals to other community support services.
Black Infant Health
PHNs provide pregnant and parenting African-American women with health education, referrals and case management services.
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
Phone: (916) 875-7151
PHNs provide case management to children with elevated blood lead levels, and lead poisoning exposures.  They work with the Environmental Management Department to provide home visits for environmental assessments and education.  They conduct outreach activities together with the Health Education unit.
Perinatal (Pregnancy) Services
Pregnancy Care Guidance Program
Phone: (916) 875-BABY or 1-888-824-BABY
Nursing staff provide coordination and referral for pregnant women to access medical providers.  They also provide information and referrals regarding nursing services and programs available.
Nurse Family Partnership
Phone: 1-888-824-BABY or (916) 875-2229
A PHN-based primary prevention home visitation program provided to first-time pregnant mothers and their infants (to age 2).  This pregnancy and early childhood intervention program promotes improved pregnancy outcomes, child health and development and family self-sufficiency.
Communicable Diseases
PHNs provide epidemiological and investigative follow-up for Sacramento County residents diagnosed with, or exposed to, a reportable communicable disease.  They also assist in managing outbreaks of communicable diseases in the community.

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