Tobacco Cessation

Do you want to quit smoking?  Do you want to quit chewing tobacco?  Do you have a family member or friend who wants to quit?  You can call the California Smokers' Helpline for FREE help. 

California Smokers' Helpline*
• English:  1-800-NO-BUTTS
• Chinese:  1-800-838-8917
• Korean:  1-800-556-5564
• Spanish:  1-800-45-NO-FUME
• Vietnamese:  1-800-778-8440
• TDD/TYY:  1-800-933-4TDD

California Chewers' Helpline:  1-800-844-CHEW

*Medi-Cal Members:  Want to stop smoking?  Get a FREE $20 gift card when you call the California Smokers' Helpline and complete one free counseling session.

More Resources:

Stop Smoking/Quit Tobacco Resource Guide
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You may also call the County of Sacramento Tobacco Education Program for a FREE Quit Kit (916) 875-5869.

Because nicotine - a drug in cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco - is addictive, quitting tobacco often takes more than willpower.  Quitting is easier with help.

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