BZZZZ..... Fight The Bite
Given the drought, saving water is certainly a good idea (if done properly); however it becomes imperative that homeowners take the proper precautions to ensure they are not producing mosquitoes. In hot weather, mosquitoes can go from an egg to an adult in as little as 7-10 days posing a health threat for diseases such as West Nile virus.
Here are some tips that can help prevent mosquitoes if you are saving water.
  • It’s always best to use a container made specifically for saving water such as a rain barrel (rather than buckets, garbage cans or other home made containers). It is extremely important to ALWAYS use a mosquito-proof screen which is usually a fine mesh (1/16 of an inch) to seal and cover the rain barrel. If the barrel is covered, this will reduce the likelihood of mosquitoes becoming a problem.
  • Keep the rain barrel lid and connectors sealed
  • Ensure that the water you save is free of organic material such as leaves and other debris
  • Be sure to always remove the water that pool at the top of the barrel at least once or twice a week
  • If possible place your barrel on a surface that will soak up any water that overflows
  • Always inspect your rain barrel system, check for cracks or leaks. Be sure that all fittings and seals are intact and that no water accumulates on the ground around the barrel
  • Clean the barrel, drain it and clean it at least a couple of times a year
  • If the barrel is holding a lot of water, get free mosquitofish. Each one can eat at least 300 mosquito larvae per day. Residents can request mosquitofish online at 
  • Lastly if needed, consider using a larvicide product which kills mosquito larvae. A variety of products are available on the shelves of garden centers.
Practice the 7 D’s of Mosquito Prevention:
DRAIN all standing water
Avoid DAWN and DUSK when mosquitoes are most active
DRESS appropriate in long sleeves and pants
DEFEND yourself against mosquitoes with an effective repellent
DOORS and windows should be in good condition
DISTRICT staff can help; call them at 1-800-429-1022

Sacramento County Mental Health Project Aims to Stop Stigma
Look around you – at work, at church, at the grocery store, in the park, during your next family gathering.  Someone you know is probably living with mental illness right now and you do not even know about it. Why? Because the shame and discrimination that surrounds mental illness can keep people from speaking out or seeking help.

Emergency Medical Services Policies, Procedures and Protocols​

In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)
Serves aged, blind, or disabled persons who are unable to perform activities of daily living and cannot remain safely in their own homes without help.

County Medically Indigent Services Program (CMISP)
Provides health care to individuals who are not otherwise eligible for healthcare programs such as Medi-Cal, Medicare or private health insurance.

Ordering Certified Copies of Birth & Death
Vital Records can assist you in obtaining a birth or death certificate.

Adult Protective Services
Maintains the health and safety of elderly and dependent adults who are victims of abuse or neglect.

Clinic Services
Provides primary health care services to medically indigent adults and eligible adults.

Sacramento County is a state licensed adoption agency. The children available are dependents of juvenile court.

Report Child Abuse
In an immediate emergency please call 9-1-1.

Report Senior or Dependent Adult Abuse
In an immediate emergency please call 9-1-1.

How to File a Complaint

Ordering Certified Copies of Birth & Death
Vital Records can assist you in obtaining a birth or death certificate.

CHDP Medi-Cal Provider List and Related Information

Child Protective Services Relative Notification
If you are related to a child you believe to have been removed from his/her parent/guardian, you could be of help to the child and parent/guardian.

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