The Senior and Adult Services Division (SAS) is committed to serving the elderly, the disabled and dependent adults of Sacramento County by: 
  • Providing protection from abuse, neglect and exploitation
  • Striving to preserve their independence and self-determination
Vision: To promote, protect and preserve the dignity of all seniors and dependent individuals so they live with respect in caring, healthy and safe environments.

: We provide protective and supportive services for senior and dependent individuals to ensure their highest quality of life possible.
Values: Compassion: Demonstrating heartfelt consideration of others with the desire to help.
Collaboration: Using teamwork and community partnership to bring about positive change.
Integrity: Doing what is right and honorable.
Service: Ensuring competent, respectful and responsive assistance to all.
Quality: Striving toward excellence.


Adult Protective Services  to report abuse, contact      (916) 874-9377

      APS FAX for Mandated Reporters                             (916) 854-9341

In-Home Supportive Services                                        (916) 874-9471
IHSS Payroll                                                                    (916) 874-9805

IHSS Fraud Hotline                                                         (916) 874-3836

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