RSVP (Retired & Senior Volunteer Program)


Serving Sacramento, Placer and Yolo

RSVP is part of the Corporation for National & Community Service and is sponsored locally by Sacramento County Department of Health & Human  Services.

Sacramento & Placer: 916.875.3631
Yolo: 916-875-3592

To Qualify

Who can volunteer?
Anyone over 55 years of age and willing to share their lifetime of experience is eligible. Seniors are vital contributing members of our community who can make a difference in the lives of others by sharing their talents and experience.
Where do volunteers work?
Volunteers work in a variety of community settings such as schools, senior centers, TV/Radio stations, libraries, hospitals, nature centers, sheriff's service stations, food distribution centers, etc. In the four counties, there are about 85 different public and nonprofit agencies enrolled with RSVP from which a volunteer may choose an assignment.
How can I apply?
There is no fee for participating in RSVP. Orientation is provided by RSVP staff, who will then help the senior find volunteer activities in their areas of interest.
Fill out the Volunteer Interest Form.
What kind of work is done?
Volunteers may choose from a wide variety of activities including tutoring children or adults; serving as docents for cultural events, nature centers or museums; providing support services at health centers; giving clerical support or consultant services; making friendly visits to the isolated elderly; preparing, serving, or distributing food, to name just a few.
Also, RSVP Program is part of Veteran History Project
Are benefits provided?
All RSVP volunteers are covered by supplemental ACCIDENT as well as PERSONAL and AUTOMOBILE LIABILITY INSURANCE while traveling directly to and from, and participating in activities


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Contact Information

(916) 875-3631

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